Homeschool Art Program Fall 2022 *New Updated Program!

Foster your child’s love of art, knowledge, and ability with our Homeschool Art Program! At Art in Mind we realize how important it is for homeschool parents to give their kids the best possible education they can. Integral to an excellent educational program is the inclusion of fine arts, which has been proven to be essential in so many ways.  The benefits include enhancing motor skills, fostering creativity, learning about history, recognizing cultural differences, and so much more. An education rich in art education encourages individuality, creative thinking, and the appreciation of the differences among others, which will impact one’s future.

Join us for a fresh new program and meet our new instructor! We are offering in-person classes for children in elementary and secondary school levels. Per semester fee is $315 (12 dates). If you join late, the class will be prorated. We will offer one free make-up class per semester.

You may also purchase the tickets per month($100 per month), though it is a large savings to purchase the whole semester.


9:30–10:30 am Elementary School

11:00–12:00 pm Middle and High School

Here is our semester overview for Fall 2022:
George Seurat was a French post-Impressionist painter most noted for introducing the technique of Pointillism to the world of art. He felt that our eyes were able to mix color tones far more vividly than by just mixing paint together, which inspired him to keep dots of color separate in paintings as he created beautiful works of art.
In this study students will learn color theory, value/shading, gradient scales, drawing skills, as well as learn about Pointillism and George Seurat in art history.
October (10/7, 10/14, 10/21): 3-D RECYCLED SCULPTURE / COLLABORATION & MODERN ART 
Most people think of a sculpture as a piece of art created from traditional materials such as stone or clay, although some of the most interesting sculptures are made from recycled everyday materials.
In this series students will explore a variety of modern recycled sculptures and artists, through visuals and online. They will work collaboratively to design and create a 3 dimensional village using only recycled materials and they will finish it with detailed painting. Each student will take home a piece of the village at the end of the series. Series will encourage imagination, design, & collaboration. Art vocabulary: sculpture, 3-D art, recycled art, form, balance, space, position, size, contour, color, value, & more!
November (10/28, 11/4, 11/18): ARTIST STUDY: KEITH HARING / ART WITH MOTION & EMOTION 
Keith Haring was an American artist who’s imagery was recognized as a visual language. His graffiti style work with strong lines and bold colors expressed strong concepts of the 20th century.
Students will explore interpreting art through movement, as Haring did. They will learn to draw/paint using figures, colors, and shapes to express emotion, as they create a painting Haring style. Students will also create a figure sculpture out of tinfoil & paper. Art vocabulary to include: movement, form, balance, color, line, shape, emphasis, and more.
December (12/2, 12/9, 12/16): HISTORY/CULTURE STUDY: STAINED GLASS
Historically, stained glass windows were used to help give instruction in churches and chapels, in which people could see illustrations of the lives of saints or scenes from the Bible. Stained glass is still prevalent in places today, though it is now often referred to as art glass.
In this study students will explore the history of stained glass, as well as learn how artists create it. They will view a variety of examples in history and modern day. Students will be creating projects representative of stained glass, one (or both) will coordinate with the beauty of the upcoming holiday. Art elements & principles incorporated in study: line, shape, color, space, value, harmony, variety, balance.
Semester Make-Up Class TBD

Art in Mind reserves the right to cancel due to low enrollment or emergency situations. We will notify you if this occurs and refund accordingly. Dates/times subject to change.

Due to the limited space in each class, we cannot issue refunds or store credit if you must cancel your registration with less than 14 days notice of the program start date. If you need to cancel more than 14 days prior to your program, we can only issue store credit for 50% of the amount you paid unless we are able to fill your spot in the program.  

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Elementary Art $315 per semester (12 dates)

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Middle/High School Art $315 per semester (12 dates)

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Sep 30 2022


09:30 AM - 12:00 PM


$315 (12 dates / Sep-Dec)

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