Paint Party-To-Go Package
June 12, 2020
Paint Night at Home Package
June 17, 2020

Party-To-Go Package / Adopt-A-Pet


Adopt-A-Pet Party-To-Go includes:
10 Beanie Baby dogs or kittens (breed/color will be a surprise!), 10 cardboard carriers, multiple sticker sheets to decorate carrier, 10 adoption certificates, 10 about my pet certificates, 20 charms and over 100 beads to create a collar for pet and a matching bracelet for owner, 20 beading strings, 5 packages of modeling foam to make toys for pets, 2 marker sets for decorating houses.

Trust us to completely prepare you to host a party of your own! This is a perfect option to host a party in your own home.

With a Party-To-Go you can leave the planning to us. That’s right… we will do ALL the prep work and provide you with ALL supplies needed for you to host the best party ever on your own!! Great for BIRTHDAYS, GIRL SCOUT BADGES, SLEEPOVER ACTIVITIES, & SPECIAL EVENTS!

Complete package for 10 artists – only $345!  Additional artists for $34 each. Price is for standard dogs. You may also upgrade to TY Beanie Dogs, Fluffy Kittens, TY Cats, or TY Unicorns for $3 more per guest.

Before ordering, please call us if you would like to choose standard dogs, fluffy kittens, or TY dogs, TY cats, or TY unicorns. Please order well in advance of your party to allow time for us to order specific animal requests.

Kits are prepped for pickup on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays 11-3pm. Please order well in advance of your party to allow time for us to order specific supplies. We will email you when they are ready for pickup!

See the “Kit” page on our website for Painting Party and other party options!

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Adopt-A-Pet Party Kit

"$250 TY Dogs" "$220 Standard Dogs" "$220 Standard Kittens"