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June 2, 2020
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June 12, 2020

Light-up Bottle Project Kits


Light-up Bottle Project Kit includes: wine bottle of choice, light-up cork kit (or Tiki torch kit), printed picture of project, full instructions, worksheet for practice, paint brushes, paint colors, alcohol swabs, cute embellishments for the bottle, extra set of batteries

During the ordering process, please add these details in the “notes” section of your order form, or email us with:
  • Your choice of bottle project:
    1. Moonlight: blue bottle with trees and moon glow
    2. Cherry Blossoms: clear bottle with mini flowers
    3. In Bloom: green bottle with larger flowers
    4. Palm Trees: frosted bottle with palm trees
    5. Mountains of Spring: frosted bottle with mountains and blooming tree
    6. Tiki Torch: clear bottle with tropical flowers
    7. Fall Fun: frosted bottle with fall scene
    8. Winter Birch: blue bottle with pine & birch trees
    9. October Night: blue bottle with October scene
    10. Christmas Glow: frosted bottle with decorated trees
    11. Starry Holiday: blue bottle with decorated trees and starry night
    12. Winter White: clear bottle with white & gold highlighted trees
    13. Jingle Bells: frosted bottle with bells & colored lights
    14. Snowmen: frosted bottle with snowmen
  • How many painters the order is for, so we can provide the correct amount of brush sets*.
  • Let us know if all the kits will be going to the same house, so we can pack the paint colors accordingly*

At this time kits are prepped for curbside pickup on Tuesdays & Thursdays late morning/early afternoon, plus most weekends. Please order in advance and we will text you when they are ready for pickup!

In response to COVID-19:

It is important to the staff at Art in Mind to provide a healthy and comfortable environment to ensure the safety of our customers. We have created many different art kits, and virtual classes, to help you and your family relax during this stressful time. It is known that creating art can be very therapeutic in times of stress, and creative activities can also help to stimulate your brain in a healthy way. These kits will include everything you need to create beautiful projects in your own home. We thank you for supporting our local business and hope to see you very soon. Stay safe!

*Please understand that the prices of supplies (brushes, containers, etc.) have increased tremendously, and are harder to purchase, plus take longer to ship because of the pandemic. It would be very helpful to us if we give one set of brushes per painter (not per painting), and if we provide the adequate amount of paint, in combined containers, as per household. To help us to continue to provide this service for you, and to keep our prices as low as we can, please let us know how many painters you are buying for, and if the kits are going to the same household. You may also receive clean, gently used, brushes instead of brand new ones when supply is low.